New Builds

JMB Horse PowerJMB Horse Power specialise in building horseboxes to suit your needs.  Our horseboxes, named Virtue are built to a high standard of quality with your comfort and safety as our priority at a price that is affordable for all.

Our horseboxes are built using high quality strong but very light weight materials. These materials enhance horse safety and keep your vehicle light.  For example our Virtue 3.5 tonne is capable of carrying two large horses and remaining within the legal weight limit.

We deliberately build our horseboxes with weave bars instead of a single pole breast bar.  As there are many reports of horses jumping over a single breast bar we have eliminated this possibility by installing weave bars.

During the build process of our new horseboxes we take care over our attention to detail and when viewing one of our horseboxes you will notice the superior craftsmanship used to ensure your new horsebox provides you with many years of enjoyment and maintenance free use.

JMB Horse PowerOur horseboxes start at £19,500. plus VAT.  We currently have a selection of newly converted horseboxes that can carry 2 horses and are available in 3.5 tonnes, 5 or 6.5 tonnes. Below are pictures of our 3.5 and 6.5 tonne horseboxes. Each horsebox has a high standard of day or overnight living accommodation.

Horseboxes over 7.5 tonne in size are built to order on our personalised build plan where you will be able to input into the design of your horsebox, creating a horsebox that matches your requirements exactly, and at a very reasonable price.

Our horseboxes can either be built on a chassis that you supply, or we can help you source a chassis to suit your requirements.

For more pictures of our horseboxes please take a look at our gallery

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